My Favorite Tools for Bible Study and Worship


Let’s be honest with each other for a minute… the life of a solorpreneur is filled with self doubt and anxiety and indecision. With no one around to bounce ideas off of or validate our decisions or give us practical advice, we’re left with only ourselves. And getting too deep into our own heads leads to nothing but overwhelm. I don’t know about you, but I struggle with knowing whether or not I’m making the right decisions. With wondering if this is really what I’m meant to be doing. Wondering if I’m making a big enough impact. If I’m serving my family enough. And this is a weekly, ongoing conversation I have with myself. 

I learned early on in my entrepreneurship that perspective makes all the difference. For some, they turn to daily mantras or inspirational quotes on sticky notes placed all around their house, while others write in gratitude journals every evening. While those are all valid options for some people, my heart responds to remembering the bigger picture - the Lord’s picture. 

I am a daughter born from Christ and forgiven in Jesus, and my purpose on Earth is not to photograph the biggest business leaders or even teach other women to run their own businesses. It is to glorify God and spread the word of the gospel. In remembering this as much as I can, the trials and tedious problems of every day living feel a little less weighty.

But holding on to perspective isn’t always easy, is it? As much as I wish I was a perfect Christian, I forget about God sometimes. Sometimes the potential client that didn’t book me or my dwindling bank account pull me away from all that Godliness. And that’s okay. We weren’t created to be perfect. We were created to be human. We feel stress and worry and yearn to feel in control of our lives, but God gives us grace for that, and as such, we should gives ourselves grace for it.

In an effort to halt that narrow-field-of-vision worry in its tracks, I’ve found that spending 5-20 minutes in prayer or bible study in the morning makes my whole day go better. I’m certainly not an expert and definitely don’t get to it some days, but starting the day with the right perspective has had a huge impact on my overall stress and ability to be content in what is going on in my world.

Below are some of my favorite resources that I’ve been using, and I hope you find something that will work for you, as well!


She Reads Truth Bible, Grey Linen Cover, CSB
Okay, so the way your bible looks isn’t supposed to have any influence on whether or not you pick it up every day, but we gravitate towards pretty things! I love this bible not only because of it’s gorgeous grey linen cover, but because of the additional resources inside of it. It has these beautiful hand-lettered graphics at the beginning of each chapter that are so insta-worthy. It also includes study guide tips, maps and extra context information, and guides your reading so its easier to understand. 


Bible by YouVersion - iOS and Android App
My physical bible is beautiful, but it is also heavy, which means portability is not its strong suit. For on-the-go reading, I use the Bible app by YouVersion. It is chalk full of features like reading plans, the ability to search based on topic, graphics and visuals you can save to your phone, and more. My favorite two features though, are the ability to digitally jump to any book and chapter of the Bible, AND the ability to seamlessly switch between versions of the bible. 

I personally switch between NIV (New International Version) and MSG (The Message). The NIV is a very common version that is more modern than say the KJV, but still reads like an old-timey book with words I have to look up and some difficult to follow grammatical structures. The MSG version feels like if they were to tell the story of the bible, but in 2018 american english. I switch back and forth between both versions because I do think some of the meaning can get lost in the casualness of the MSG, but it is definitely easier to read and a great version for anyone new to studying the bible.


Daily Devotions and Studies

First Five App 
This is an awesome resource for anyone looking for quick and easy bible study and reflection. As the name hints, its goal is to help you spend 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week, studying the word. Each plan is based on scripture and follows along with certain chapter. What’s great is that you can follow along with their live studies, which means a new message comes out every morning, or you can pick an older plan and follow it on your own. I love it because I have gotten several of my friends to start using it, and because we’re all following the same daily plan, we can chat about what we learned or our thoughts about the lesson. It is beautifully designed and has a great user experience. They even have an app for Kindle Fire and iPad! I highly highly highly recommend it to anyone looking to add a bit of worship to their every day! (Studies come out Mon-Fri and take a break on the weekends.)

She Works His Way
Okay so this is a great resource because it’s actually a website, community, and membership WITH a free app! SWHW is actually a whole community of christian female entrepreneurs and serves up all kinds of goodness. Their app is 100% free and, like FirstFive, comes out with a daily lesson each morning. While each lesson is based scripture, they are independent of each other and written by different authors. The content is always good, its easy to digest, and totally relatable to being a female entrepreneur. The app also has a bunch of other free resources like videos from their YouTube channel, a directory of other users, free downloads, and information about classes and membership. 
AppleAndroid | Website

Authors, Influencers, Speakers, & Podcasts

Brighton Keller - Brighton The Day
I’ll be the first to admit that it feels silly listing an influencer as a resource for bible study and worship, but give it a shot with me! Brighton Keller is a fashion and lifestyle blogger and lives in TX. She is super cute and personable, and whether you like her fashion or not, I totally admire how open and encouraging she is about sharing her faith through the platform she’s built. I mean - she’s built a following to the tune of 317k followers on instagram for her fashion blog, and yet speaks about the lord and her faith EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. She is all about some instagram stories and its inspiring to see her share the way she does. She is also surprisingly intellectual and shares some good stuff. Plus her brand is called Brighton The Day and if thats not the best named-turned-busines-name idk what is.

Jess Connolly  - Author & Speaker
Okay I love love love her because not is she only super relatable and personable, but she’s the author of one of my favorite books. She is a speaker and an author and has no problem sharing the real and raw parts of motherhood, the struggles of being an author/speaker, and the not-so-glamourous-but-still-worth-being-grateful-for scenes of her daily life. Her most recent book, Dance Stand Run, is really good and I definitely recommend it to both women and men looking to be reminded what grace is and isn’t.

Jennie Allen - Author, Speaker, Founder of IF:Gathering
Jennie Allen wrote Nothing To Prove, which is currently standing at the most impactful book I’ve read in the past few years. If you’re like me and you suffer from perfectionism or imposter syndrome or you have a habit of spreading yourself to thin or you’re the kind of person that gives and gives and forgets to give to herself - stop reading this blog post and go get this book. I cannot stress it enough. I’ve read/listened to it probably 5 times in the past year because it is the kick in the butt I need when I am being too hard on myself (which is pretty much always). She has a few other books that are definitely on my list, but I’ve not gotten to them yet.
She is also the founder of IF:Gathering, an annual conference that I’m very fond of and hope to get to attend one day! They do stream it live when it happens and you can purchase the video replays, which I have done before, and it’s just a huge group of Christian women and speakers coming together and is really impactful.

Marian Jordan of Redeemed Girl Ministries
This was probably the first digital resource I found and absolutely fell in love with Marian Jordan. She works towards bringing women either back to Jesus or to Jesus for the first time, and especially resonates with women that may not be proud of their past or event their present. The way she includes raw personal narratives and doesn’t shy away from talking about her own broken history makes her message really hit home for those of us that haven’t always been a perfect Christian (read - all of us). Here’s her “about me” from their website to give you a glimpse of her:

"Fun, loud, colorful, cyclical, lonely and trashed. Her sharp observation of the party years, resonate with the familiar. Her transparent account of the lure of fashion, sex, booze, and approval chronicle the dilemma of “every girl” in today’s society."

Her platform, The Redeemed Girl Institute, has tons of various resources from books to studies to recorded sermons and more. 11/10 recommend the app and the website. 
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This is a great option for those of us that love tuning into podcasts! I drive A LOT in the day to day for my business and life. Between driving to and from real estate listings to meeting clients in their part of town to driving my dad around to his different doctors appointments - it’s safe to say I spend about 50% of my week in my car! Therefore, podcasts and audio books are a crucial way in which I am able to consume all kinds of content!

Some of these are a mix of entrepreneurship from a biblical perspective, some are solely faith related, and some are business related but hosted by people that base their lives on biblical principles and aren’t afraid to say it! I will say that because I follow so many podcasts, I pick and choose which episodes I listen to. Every week when new episodes are released, I add episodes that are relevant to my current happenings into my queue, instead of blindly listening to every episode released regardless of content. 

-Christian Women in Business
-Give Grace Podcast(Brought to you by the girls of Scarlet & Gold) 
-Lionheart Living
-Redeemed Girl
-That Sounds Fun (By Author Annie F. Downs of 100 Days to Brave)
-Grit n Grace

This is by no means an exhaustive list of my favorite businesses and people that I regularly tune into, but I hope you find some resources that help you begin to incorporate worship and study into your daily life. I’d love to hear about resources and tools that you use and if you pick up on some of mine, let me know so we can use them together! 

Full Disclosure: I do receive a small monetary kickback if you choose to purchase any of the amazon items through my links. Please know that I will never recommend something I have not either personally read/used/experienced myself or been referred to by a highly trusted source.